In 1954, the Fistler family opened the Schleusenkrug at the Tiergartenschleuse. Before the war, they had already operated a kiosk at this location, serving drinks and providing ice cream and refreshments to walkers and ship passengers. In the course of the new construction of the lock facility, the Fistler family was now also given a permanent building, which was added to the actual lock house. This had been preceded by long negotiations with the authorities: Berlin’s waterways had been under GDR administration since the end of the war. Thus, the Wall ran practically horizontally at this point! In the basement, the comrades ensured smooth shipping traffic; one floor above, West Berliners enjoyed sun, beer and hearty German cuisine.

After the reunification of Germany in 1990, the Schleusenkrug became a place of meeting and exchange between the formerly separated parts of the city. It continued to enjoy great popularity among Berliners and increasingly attracted international visitors who appreciated the historical significance and charm of the beer garden.

Today, the Schleusenkrug is an important part of Berlin’s beer garden culture and a popular stop for locals and tourists alike. With its cozy beer garden, diverse food offerings, and lively atmosphere, it is a place to enjoy the history and flavors of Berlin in equal measure. The Schleusenkrug has managed to retain its authentic character and is a living testimonial to the city’s eventful past.