How can I reserve a table at the Schleusenkrug in summer?

We accept reservations by e-mail. Please include in your email the desired day, time, number of people, names and a mobile number. Please note that reservations cannot be made for the current day. Reservations are only made for groups of 8 or more. Our reservation quota is limited, we reserve only a small part of our capacity (max. 15%). See also “Reservation”!

Is the Schleusenkrug also open in winter?

Yes, we are also open in winter ( from 1.11. to approx. 15.3. every year) for you during the day, from 11 am to 6 pm.In the evenings you can also rent the Schleusenkrug for your party, birthday or company celebration. We will be happy to put together an individual offer of food and drinks for you, see also “events”!

Can I also get vegetarian/vegan food in the Schleusenkrug?

We constantly offer vegetarian and vegan dishes, see also “meals”. Please also ask us about intolerances and allergies.

How do I order in the Schleusenkrug beer garden?

Find a free table and remember the table number that is written on each table. Then order your desired drink and food at one of the two serving counters, indicating the table number. Pay by cash or card and take your drink and cutlery to your table. We will then bring the food to your table. Please note that with large crowds not all food can always come to the table at the same time!

What beverages are served at the Schleusenkrug?

We offer a variety of beverages including:

Where is the Schleusenkrug beer garden located?

The Schleusenkrug beer garden is located at Müller-Breslau-Straße 14B, 10623 Berlin Charlottenburg.

How can I reach the Schleusenkrug beer garden?

You can reach the Schleusenkrug beer garden by public transportation. The closest subway station is Zoologischer Garten (U2, U3, U9), and the closest S-Bahn station is also Zoologischer Garten (S3, S5, S7, S9). There are also several bus lines (100, 109, 110, 200, 204, 245, 249, M46, M49, X10, X34) that go to Zoologischer Garten.

How many people can be seated in the beer garden?

The Schleusenkrug beer garden can accommodate about 700 people.

How many people can be seated inside the venue?

Inside Schleusenkrug we have around 70 seats.

Are there parking facilities near the Schleusenkrug?

The Schleusenkrug is located near the Zoo train station, where parking is available. It is recommended to use public transportation as parking may be limited.