Schleusenkrug, the beer garden in the Tiergarten



Dear friends of Schleusenkrug,

an endless summer is coming to the end. The early morning you can smell autum in the air.

Time for us to change the menu. From up friday 14. september, we offer a late-summer/early-autum-menu.

You'll find pumpkin, ceps, prezel dumplings, mushroom ragout, polenta and a warm spinach salad.

For shure we offer also onion-tarte with the new white wine from the 'Pfalz', famous wine area in south-west Germany.

So come around and have a good time in SCHLEUSENKRUG



Please note:

Reservation from up 8 persons.

We keep only 20% our tables free for reservations, so you'll find surely a place without reservation.

For reservations please send us an email to:

We are open daily from:

Mo-Fr :     11:00am till 00:00pm. From up 1. October till 11:00pm 

Sa,So+public hollidays: 10:00am till 00:00pm   From up 1.October  till 11:00pm

kitchen:     11:30am to 10:00pm  From up 1. October till 9:00pm

breakfast  11:00am till 2:00pm, in the weekend from 10:00am


Sorry, but we do not accept ec- or credit cards.